Prohibited Substances And Method

During the last decades there were several scandals in the world of sport caused by positive doping cases. The athletes showed performance which was beyond the expectations and they broke all the previous records. The unbelievable performance by the athletes wakened the administrators. It was but natural to suspect the unmatchable
performance of the athletes.

Therefore, it was decided to get the laboratory tests of the athletes who have won medals to ascertain whether they had used performance enhancing drugs. When these athletes were tested it transpired that administrators doubt was true; they had used performance enhancing drugs and due to use of these drugs they managed to win medals. This was a great cheating with other athletes because the athletes whose performance was normally much better than the medal winners lost to them.

After the doping test results the administrators decided that there should
be an organization to stop the doping scandals, who should prepare rules
to punish those athletes who indulge in doping to eliminate this menace
from the sports. The IOC has been doing this job since long but when the
doping could not be controlled by the IOC alone and doping cases kept
increasing day by day it was proposed that another organization should
be established on world level to assist the IOC so that collective
measures could be taken to control doping in sports.

Therefore, on the
suggestion of IOC, World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) was established in
1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The basic aim of WADA is to control
doping in sports and to make rules regarding doping. One can see doping
at every stage and in every game whether these are Olympic Games,
SAF Games and Non-Olympic Games as Cricket etc.

At international tournaments approximately 1% of the samples were
found positive but some of them were not intentional but rather due to lack
of information. The athletes had used drugs because they were ignorant
of doping rules/prohibited substances and were not aware that those
drugs were prohibited. For example there are some ingredients in most
of the cough syrups which comes under prohibited substances
According to WADA rules if the athletes have used prohibited substances
inadvertently yet it comes under doping and would be considered as
doping and there is no excuse for it.

Therefore every athlete, coach and
other sports related persons must know about the prohibited substances
and rules of doping. Our purpose is to give you a short and
comprehensive guide on the doping controls so that every body should
know about the doping rules and could avoid using prohibited substances
because use of prohibited substance bring bad name to the athlete
himself, his federation and his country also.